From the book Friendship with God, by Neale Donald Walsh.

This is from the Friendship with God book by Neale Donald Walsh and it reminds me of reiki, every time I read it.


When you no longer wish the world to be the way it is, you will change it.

Look to see what you are doing today.  Is this how you choose to define yourself?

Look to see what you are thinking today.  Is this what you wish to create?

Look to see what you are saying today. Is this what you desire to be?

Each moment of your life is a moment of creation. Each moment is a new beginning.  In each you are born again.

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All you need is LOVE!

As the world undergoes changes, what can you do?  LOVE!  I have been on an “all you need is LOVE” solution recently and believe with my heart and soul this is what is missing.  Most people can easily say “I LOVE YOU” to a partner.  But can you feel that same unconditional love for everyone in your family?  You don’t have to approve of their actions in order to love.  Once you send love to everyone in your family, send it to your community, and the world.

love earth

How do you love your community?  Contribute your gifts to them.  If you are lucky you recognize your gift and can give to those in need. You can also do this silently; give donations to the local food bank, local pet shelters, pick up litter in parks, help a neighbor in need.  There are so many ways to show your love, be it once a day, week, month or year.  I know the more you do, the more you want to do.  It increases the feeling of love in your heart, and makes you want more for your self.  And the amazing part is, those you give to are so appreciative, they will also pay it forward.

How do you get Love to give?  Pray or meditate on it.  Ask your God/Universe for love to pour through you.  Feel or see it as a light (you can decide what color) coming through the top of your head, making it’s way all the way through your body to your feet and into Mother Earth. Then ask Mother Earth for her energy to come back up through your feet back to God.  Then just sit and feel this love in your heart.  It can calm and soothe you any time, any where.  Pray that this love stay with you all day, so you can give it to those who need it. Those who are in fear need it the most, remind them that with LOVE, fear cannot exist. Remind them to control their thoughts, fill the mind with Love, and that is what you will be, BE LOVE.

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Buy an hour gift certficate for $80 (hint: ask Tiffany for the $20 off coupon) and get a half hour session free! Use it yourself or gift it!  We can also give you three half hour certificates to give the gift of relaxation for the holidays!

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Reiki Refresher Notes


For anyone out there who took reiki a while ago, who hasn’t used it for some time, and would like to start it up again, I have good news!  YOU CAN!  It never goes away, and you can just start where you left off!  You may feel rusty right now, so here are some tips to help :

1. Set up sacred space.  Use incense, sage or palo santo wood and clear your space.  If you don’t have any of those, ring a bell, drum or simply clap your hands to clear negative energy out of your energy space.  Ask God or Mother Earth to take it and recycle it to love.
2. Say a prayer to your God, Universe, and Divine Helpers. Call in your reiki guides:  Dr. Usui, Mrs. Takata.  Call in your angels and saints, and animal guides, Ask for help from any ancestor who is of the light, and anyone else of the light who wants to assist.
3. Ask the Reiki energy to come to you.  If you forgot the way you used to do it, try this:
Ask the energy to come up from Mother Earth through your feet to your heart.  Ask the enrgy of the Heavens to come through your hands to your heart.  Ask the energy from the Universe to come through your head to your heart.  Stand or sit still for a moment and feel the energy come through your body.
4.  Ask that you get the energy you need to give to _______________(insert name here) for the healing that they need today, for their highest and greatest good.
5. After finishing the session, ask that the energy remain with them to continue to heal them as long as they need it.  Always remember to say thank you to all those who came to help.
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Get 8 CE Credits for Reiki 1 or 2 Practitioner Class!

Approved Provider Logo final paths

Take the Usui Reiki Journey to your Self Healed destination! My passion can now earn you credits!

Monthly classes for Usui Reiki 1 or 2 Practitioner Class earns you 8 credits!  Please call or text 860-620-7709 to register for your class now! If you don’t see a class that works with your schedule, please contact me for additional dates!

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Be Love!

Think about when you FEEL love. Go back to that time, the feeling of love… Be it a wedding, birth, graduation, or accomplishment. FEEL the love within. How long can you keep that feeling? Can you keep the feeling while at work? Can you feel it while with family? Can you send it when giving reiki or praying? This is the ONE thing YOU can do for YOU. When you ARE LOVE, the calm, peaceful feeling can’t be disrupted by anyone, anywhere. Once you feel it, you want more of it, you think about it more and it radiates out from everything you do.
This is the shift to 5D….can you FEEL it?
Very simple, yet complete. BE LOVE.
(C) 2015 A Hand in Healing, all rights reserved.

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Stuck in the past?

However you are stuck in the past- be it a past love, a past job or a passed family member, there is help for you.  Things happen in your life, all for a reason.  Some times you understand the reason immediately, which makes it easy to move on.  Other things really stay in your head and can cause heart ache and depression for years if you let it.

The issue may be who you think you were supposed to be in this lifetime. For example, if you were supposed to be an accountant, but you didn’t have the money to finish college this could stay in your head for a long time.  You go over it again and again, if only I had done this instead of that, trying to make logical sense out of it.  Instead, you dropped out, and went to work full time to support yourself and your family.  Years later, this could still haunt you – if only I had the money then, to finish college.  Sometimes you need to just move forward knowing that you will understand this some day.  Looking back years later, you may realize why it had to happen that way.  Maybe it was more important that you learn to put family first.  Or maybe because of that job it lead you to the love of your life.  Maybe you wouldn’t have met if you were in college.

Maybe there is a Divine plan that we agree to before birth.  If so, how can you let ANY thing in your past keep you from moving forward.  It is better to immediately try to figure out the lesson.  What did you learn, be grateful for it, and let it go.  Have faith in your Divine plan, and keep moving forward.  Chakra work and Usui Reiki have been my way of understanding my life.  Every single event in my life has brought me to where I am today, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Remember, no one has a perfect life, we are all meant to feel emotion; sadness and happiness.  It’s how you deal with it that keeps your body healthy and ready for the next grandest version of the greatest person you have ever been!   I realize the Divine doesn’t make mistakes, and although I don’t always understand the why’s, I am open to receiving all that is in store for me.   Once you start this process it will be easy to move past the hurts as you recognize everyone is on their own Divine path.  How you cross paths is a life lesson for each of you.  And know that if you are not on the right path, you are learning a lesson to get you there.  Remember, that to know great joy, you must experience great sadness. There is balance in everything, you just have to look for it.  Let go of the darkness, and look for the light.  Don’t fight to let go, life is too short!

(c) 2015 A Hand in Healing,  All Rights Reserved.

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Is Reiki Master Teacher the title for you?

The decision to become a Reiki Master Teacher (RMT) is important to be able to create more healers in the world.  You don’t realize at the time, the amount of work required of you!  You will experience all that is necessary to encompass this full level of mastery.  A Reiki Master student endures tests of their emotions, strengths, relationships and core values.  This is not something you go into just to add another title to your name.  Reiki Master is an earned title that takes months to acquire with me.  This changes your life permanently, all for your highest and greatest good.  It doesn’t stop here, it continues through your life, constantly changing, upgrading your energy as you are able to acquire it.

My class, or process, is long, which is why most people don’t take it with me.  Most want to take a class that is done over the weekend and they have a new title on their certificate so they can start charging more money on Monday!   My class begins with the attunements, learning the new symbols and practicing how to give attunements to others.  Each RMT student must attend one of my Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 classes as I am teaching and take notes.  Each RMT  student must then teach one Reiki 1 and 2 class with me in attendance.  The RMT student then makes their own Reiki 1 and 2 Practitioner books that they will use when they teach.  There will be several independent meetings with me to talk about how their practice is progressing as well.  A LOT of energy shifts will occur and questions are asked daily via phone, text messaging or emails.  I am sharing everything I know about Reiki with each RMT student, notes, books, experiences.   You need all of this in order to pass along the lineage in the way I believe Mrs. Takata did it.

Being able to then share all your knowledge to your students is beyond any words we currently have an understanding of today.  Touching people’s hearts, healing lives one at a time.  Choose your RMT wisely, it is not just a weekend class that makes a Reiki Master worthy.  It is hours of work, huge shifts in energy vibrations, and love of the art that makes a true Usui Reiki Master able to assist in magnificent healings.   Namaste!

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Energy work or Reiki, what is right for you?

There are some people that jump from New Age Fair to New Age Fair trying everything in site!  I am not here to put fear into anyone, but please know the person that is giving you energy work.  Call them up and chat on the phone at the very least if you can’t meet in person first.  You want to ask some questions – interview them before you decide if this is the right person to work on you.

Find out:

From who and where did they learn their form of energy work?

How long have they been doing it?

How have people said they benefited from it?

What are the the sides effects of it?

Can I call/text you with questions later in the week?

Do you teach it?  If no, why not?

Do you use it on yourself?

Do you have insurance?

Can you give me testimonials?


The reason you ask these questions is to see if they are professional. They should have insurance, be using it on themselves daily, and able to show you lineage documents that show their depth of knowledge.  They should be able to tell you stories of those who they’ve helped and those that had issues and why.

If you are getting generic “energy work” find out what they are doing to you.  Don’t simply say “ok”, and open yourself up to unknown energy.  Always know what you are getting, as if this was a medicine the doctor gave you.  Google it if you don’t understand it.

All Reiki is not the same.  I only teach and give Traditional Usui Reiki.  I can’t tell you what other Reiki types feels like, I was taught this was the only one that you need, and from doing it since 1999, I agree!  Anyone who has taken a Usui Reiki One class can charge for it.  Those who get Usui Reiki from a Teacher or Master should know that their level of skill is higher and you will likely pay more for that service.   Whoever works on you should be available for follow up questions later in the week!

This is very important, this is YOUR health, your chakras.  Be sure the person working on you is professional, knowledgeable and able to answer each question you have BEFORE you let them work on YOU!

(c) 2014 All Rights Reserved, A Hand in Healing



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Lord Michael Protection Prayer

For protection in the car:
Lord Michael above me
Lord Michael below me
Lord Michael to the left of me
Lord Michael to the right of me
Lord Michael in front of me
Lord Michael in back of me
Lord Michael, Lord Michael, where ever I go
Please get ( insert names here) home safely at the end of the day no matter what means of transportation we take.
THANK YOU Lord Michael!
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