April 18, 2016

It’s been a year since Mom passed and I’ve grown in ways that I didn’t see coming.


Me and Mom

I don’t know if it’s because now I’m the oldest female in the family, but understanding time is different now.  I am keenly aware of the limit to time on Earth.  Before Mom passed I was urgently in a hurry to get things done because no one knows when time will end.  My theory was I should do as much as possible today because I am not sure if I will be here tomorrow.  Hurry, Hurry, Hurry was my internal time beat.  Work, clean the house, grocery shop.  Hurry, Hurry, Hurry. Tend to everyone else’s needs, run the gerbil treadmill, HURRY!

Since Mom has passed, life has slowed down.  Part of it is sheer energy depletion from emotional changes due to her death. The other part is a clear realization that the things you value and give importance to will always happen.  The rest is not important and to stress about it is a waste of time and more importantly, energy.  The things that I do I now, I do with the BE HERE NOW mentality.  I listen more, judge less, and I try hard to see the good in EVERY THING.  Sometimes I have to strain to see it, but it’s always there.  And above all I see and hear with LOVE.  When you see with love, everything has meaning.  When you hear with love, everything is important.  All the senseless stuff doesn’t get me upset any more. I simply walk away from the drama.  This enhanced knowing has calmed my heart and allowed me to see the bigger picture.

People are love. Yes, it is hard to see immediately in some people. Everyone is with the people you are with for a reason.  We all have something to share to enhance each other’s lives.   Love lets you see it. Put aside the petty bickering, look for the love.  This doesn’t mean you should let people take advantage of you in any way.  There are still common sense limitations here, but when you look with love you see from a different angle.  When you look with love, your understanding is enhanced.  The love angle is one that comes from your heart, goes out to another, leaves their heart and comes back to you.  It’s shape is the heart, it starts at the bottom point and goes up, into their heart, makes a hook and connects to yours, returning to the bottom point where there is no division.  Look for it in every encounter, and you will become a new person.

Mom is still teaching me, I love you!

© 2016, A Hand in Healing, all rights reserved.

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All YOU need is LOVE to heal!

It’s true! Reiki is pure unconditional love from God/Universe. When giving reiki, the energy of love is what you are passing onto your client. The practitiioner works with this loving energy to heal what is needed on that day. When working with this love energy, nothing is held back from healing. This is how miracles happen with reiki.  I have seen it happen over and over, again and again.

Think about it, if anyone who healed used anything BUT love, would they be able to heal?  Jesus, Buddha, Quan Yin, any Saint, Archangels….pick one. They all come from a LOVE vibration. They all heal.

I know you are thinking you don’t have that special “power” that a deity possesses. I tell you this, I NEVER thought that when I was learning reiki in nineteen ninety something that it would evolve to this level of healing. It takes more concentration on love than I can explain here, but I tell you it works. It is why it is still the fastest growing natural alternative healing technique that anyone can learn easily.

LOVE is many things- unconditional acceptance, understanding, patience, respect, beauty and peace.  While giving reiki you feel or sense all of these things, you can give so much love that the negative energy of illness is healed. There are many layers to healing, and if you have done the work to be healed, it will be done.  Some healing involves emotional and spiritual work before the physical healing can happen.  The interesting part is that whatever you need, you get in your private reiki session.  Depending on the type of healing that is needed, this could take more than one session.  The good news is, Love is all YOU need! Reiki is all YOU need!

Want to learn it?  The next certification class is Sat., April 2 and Sat., April 9 , both classes are Noon-4pm, Each class is $100 payable in cash or check.  Both classes are required for certification.

Usui Traditional Reiki 1 class gives you two attunements in each reiki class. Learn the evidence based history of reiki, understand the emotions and organs that balance your chakras, use stones that are associated with healing the chakras. Give reiki to yourself, others and pets after the first 4 hour class! The first degree focuses on getting used to the energy, learning to recognize the energy as it moves through you and feeling the pull of the energy. Learning to trust your intuition is key here. With a class size of 3 or less, I ensure you leave confident in your skills, and capable of healing clients with various conditions during their first session with you! I am available by text, phone and email for questions after class, for on-going FREE support. NO previous experience is necessary! A Reiki Practitioner never loses the ability to do Reiki. Even if you haven’t used it in months or years, whenever you start again, the ability returns. Reiki is the gift that lasts a lifetime!

Call or text to reserve your seat now!  Only one left!  860-620-7709

(c) 2016 A Hand in Healing, all rights reserved.

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DNA healing questions and the answers within YOU!


I found a series of questions that bring you to a deeper understanding of your beliefs and emotions. Is it possible that they are in your DNA?  If they are in cells, and come from generations of ancestral stories how do we change those patterns? The answers are locked inside you!

To heal or change your life, the low vibration of your life experiences and those of your ancestors needs to be replaced with a higher one.  By neutralizing the energy with a change of heart, transformation can take place. Our hearts bring us to forgiveness, and resolution to the situation. Forgiveness supports and strengthens you, helping you to evolve on your life’s journey.

There are five levels of questions to unlock the answers.  I have done this with five people now.  All agree, “There is something to this!”  All that is needed is the right questions in the correct order to unlock the answers that are within you!

Health, money, relationships, career or behaviors can be changed! Interested in changing your life? The session is $25, as I believe this should be financially feasible for all! It takes about an hour, call or text for your private and confidential appointment today!  860-620-7709

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Reiki with Jesus



It took me a long time to be able to discuss this topic publicly, but this is the core of who I am, and what I know for sure (as Oprah would say!). A lot of people consider them selves spiritual, not religious.  I am one of those people who attended Catholic services with my Grandmother, had first communion and then only attended as the part time Catholics do- on holidays.

I learned Usui Reiki and it brought me back to my belief in Jesus even stronger than what I learned in church.  Church taught me to pray to Jesus, reiki taught me to heal with him (I Corinthians 12:28-31).  The heart centered difference is what I believe most people are looking for today.
I wanted to know God and Jesus internally, not through prayer alone.  I wanted to know God and Jesus are with me daily, not just on Sunday.  I wanted to know my faith of God and Jesus in my heart not just hear it in my ears.  I wasn’t getting what I wanted in church.
Reiki brought me back to the more natural path.  Be grateful and acknowledge blessings, choose kindness, love more, learn patience and be peace. Yes, the bible talks about all these things, but how do I learn them in the modern day? Everyday life lessons bring about these for consideration.  But more and more people are hitting stumbling blocks that don’t go away, and are getting bigger instead.
Reiki helped me go inside and learn the value of putting aside emotions to deal only with facts.  Reiki helped me stop and smell the roses daily.  Reiki helped me realize the value of ALL human life and because of it, choose kindness. Reiki helped me LOVE healing because Jesus is a part of it (John 14:12)!  Reiki helped me to be peaceful when everyone around me is falling apart. Reiki was my answer.  IT IS NOT a religion, but certainly helped me reconnect with mine.   I don’t know if Jesus used “reiki”, but I am convinced reiki is linked to a form of healing he did use. The similarities are too close not to be related in some way.
If you are looking for support for your spirituality or religion, please text, email or call me!  I have worked with people of many faiths, and it works with them all!  I don’t want to discuss your religion, or want to change your current belief system, I just want to show you how to enhance what you already love with reiki!  I can tell you I would not be the same person with out reiki!
Sharing the light is my soul purpose….helping you is my blessing.
(c) A Hand in Healing, all rights reserved 2016.
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God lives in your heart!

World religions have come about due to man’s need to believe in God.  In search of God, one must go within.  God is Love. God lives in your heart.

Love is in all of us.  Love does not see color, race, or religion.  Think of a time you understood love.  Do you remember the feeling coming out of your heart?  The pure joy, the peace and lightness of your heart?  When it felt like all was right with the world?  That is God.

God is love, in All of us, All the time.  Connect to that joy, peace and lightness in your heart any time you are NOT love.  Just stop what you are doing, reconnect to the feeling.  Let go of worry or fear that is stopping the love, just give it to God.  At first, this takes intense internal concentration.  It is worth your time.  Once you return to love within, you are rebalanced; mentally, emotionally and physically.  Take a few moments to bask in the love feeling.  You may need to do this multiple times a day at first. Each time brings you new insights, each time reminds you that you have what it takes within.  Each time you concentrate on returning to love or God, the realization that we ALL can do this grows.  When more and more people do this, the world energy of LOVE grows.

This is how wars end.  THE FEAR IS GONE.  All that is left is God’s Love for ALL of us.

(Thank you Archangel Gabriel ♥)
(c)All rights reserved, A Hand in Healing, 2016.

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From the book Friendship with God, by Neale Donald Walsh.

This is from the Friendship with God book by Neale Donald Walsh and it reminds me of reiki, every time I read it.


When you no longer wish the world to be the way it is, you will change it.

Look to see what you are doing today.  Is this how you choose to define yourself?

Look to see what you are thinking today.  Is this what you wish to create?

Look to see what you are saying today. Is this what you desire to be?

Each moment of your life is a moment of creation. Each moment is a new beginning.  In each you are born again.

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All you need is LOVE!

As the world undergoes changes, what can you do?  LOVE!  I have been on an “all you need is LOVE” solution recently and believe with my heart and soul this is what is missing.  Most people can easily say “I LOVE YOU” to a partner.  But can you feel that same unconditional love for everyone in your family?  You don’t have to approve of their actions in order to love.  Once you send love to everyone in your family, send it to your community, and the world.

love earth

How do you love your community?  Contribute your gifts to them.  If you are lucky you recognize your gift and can give to those in need. You can also do this silently; give donations to the local food bank, local pet shelters, pick up litter in parks, help a neighbor in need.  There are so many ways to show your love, be it once a day, week, month or year.  I know the more you do, the more you want to do.  It increases the feeling of love in your heart, and makes you want more for your self.  And the amazing part is, those you give to are so appreciative, they will also pay it forward.

How do you get Love to give?  Pray or meditate on it.  Ask your God/Universe for love to pour through you.  Feel or see it as a light (you can decide what color) coming through the top of your head, making it’s way all the way through your body to your feet and into Mother Earth. Then ask Mother Earth for her energy to come back up through your feet back to God.  Then just sit and feel this love in your heart.  It can calm and soothe you any time, any where.  Pray that this love stay with you all day, so you can give it to those who need it. Those who are in fear need it the most, remind them that with LOVE, fear cannot exist. Remind them to control their thoughts, fill the mind with Love, and that is what you will be, BE LOVE.

(C) 2015 A Hand in Healing.  All rights reserved.


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Gift Certificates from A Hand in Healing available at Sweet Dee’s!

Buy an hour gift certficate for $80 (hint: ask Tiffany for the $20 off coupon) and get a half hour session free! Use it yourself or gift it!  We can also give you three half hour certificates to give the gift of relaxation for the holidays!

That is a $120 value for $60! Available only until Dec 24, hurry in!!

Sweet Dee’s Beauty Parlour is located at 608 Wolcott Rd., Wolcott, CT

Merry Christmas!!

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Reiki Refresher Notes


For anyone out there who took reiki a while ago, who hasn’t used it for some time, and would like to start it up again, I have good news!  YOU CAN!  It never goes away, and you can just start where you left off!  You may feel rusty right now, so here are some tips to help :

1. Set up sacred space.  Use incense, sage or palo santo wood and clear your space.  If you don’t have any of those, ring a bell, drum or simply clap your hands to clear negative energy out of your energy space.  Ask God or Mother Earth to take it and recycle it to love.
2. Say a prayer to your God, Universe, and Divine Helpers. Call in your reiki guides:  Dr. Usui, Mrs. Takata.  Call in your angels and saints, and animal guides, Ask for help from any ancestor who is of the light, and anyone else of the light who wants to assist.
3. Ask the Reiki energy to come to you.  If you forgot the way you used to do it, try this:
Ask the energy to come up from Mother Earth through your feet to your heart.  Ask the enrgy of the Heavens to come through your hands to your heart.  Ask the energy from the Universe to come through your head to your heart.  Stand or sit still for a moment and feel the energy come through your body.
4.  Ask that you get the energy you need to give to _______________(insert name here) for the healing that they need today, for their highest and greatest good.
5. After finishing the session, ask that the energy remain with them to continue to heal them as long as they need it.  Always remember to say thank you to all those who came to help.
(c)2015 A Hand in Healing, All Rights Reserved.


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Get 8 CE Credits for Reiki 1 or 2 Practitioner Class!

Approved Provider Logo final paths

Take the Usui Reiki Journey to your Self Healed destination! My passion can now earn you credits!

Monthly classes for Usui Reiki 1 or 2 Practitioner Class earns you 8 credits!  Please call or text 860-620-7709 to register for your class now! If you don’t see a class that works with your schedule, please contact me for additional dates!  wellness@ahandinhealing.co

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